I’m on a mission to:

Support and inspire others in their individual journeys to health both nutritionally and physically,

Support and inspire others to learn to have a positive and nourishing relationship with food,

Support and inspire others to take their health into their own hands.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association with a degree in Exercise Science. It is my passion to help you with the negative symptoms that might otherwise keep you from leading a healthy and productive life through blood sugar regulation and management. I understand that everyone is a bio-individual, and I will work with you to create strategies that fit your needs and goals. My struggles with terrible skin for many years of my life lead me to a path of health and healing through food and supplementation, and I want to share that same knowledge with you.

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Carrot Top Pesto

It’s CSA heaven around here in Central Oregon! Something that I am seeing a ton of is carrots! Wait thought! Don’t throw away those carrot greens! Carrot greens are good sources of protein, and vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, potassium, Vitamin C,...

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Salmon Cakes

Since my sister in-law and brother will be moving in about a month from now, I’m trying to help them clean out their house and pantry/fridge! Last night, I decided that I would make salmon patties/salmon cakes from some wild salmon in their freezer. I saw a...

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Have You Ever Been Hangry?

Let’s talk about measuring blood sugar! What does this mean, really? At some point, probably most of us have had at least one interaction with a glucometer (the little device that has a super sharp needle on it that can read your blood sugar). You prick your finger,...

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