I never planned on living here. Even though it is called the Sunshine State (very aptly named by the way, in case you have never been here), I have pretty much always lived in a place that was sunny the vast majority of the time. But, Florida is different. Two major differences between Florida and the other places that I have lived in- 1) It is so flat here! There are small little hills here and there, but no mountains whatsoever to speak of. Siri just told me that my elevation is approximately 19 feet. 19 feet above sea level. That is ridiculous. Sisters, Oregon is about 3200 feet, give or take. Where I lived in California was somewhere in between. 2) The humidity is ridiculous! At 5:30 this morning, it was 100% humidity, with no clouds or rain to speak of. It was probably 75 degrees or so by then already, but at least the sun wasn’t up. By 8 AM this morning, the humidity had dropped a smidge, but it was up to 85 degrees (but thanks to the humidity it felt like 95). Note to self: If the humidity is already that high and it is already that hot outside by 8 AM, workout inside the house or wait until tomorrow. I felt like I was dying out there, mostly from the heat, but also because it’s probably been over 2 months since I last ran.

Today has not started out as the best of days. I slept pretty poorly for whatever the reason. When my alarm when off at 5:30 this morning (with the intention of going out for a run by 6:30), I had already been awake for hours. I let the dogs outside, and turned on the kitchen light. In the middle of the floor was a HUGE cockroach upside down! Yuck! I knew it hadn’t been there when I went to bed last night, so I figured the cat found in and killed it. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. I tried sweeping it up and it was definitely alive. Rather than screaming (because I HATE creatures with more than 4 legs), I put a glass over it, shoved a dustpan under the glass, debated whether I wanted to throw it back outside (with the potential of it coming back in later) or flush it (and have the potential of it flying out of the toilet or swimming to safety). I chose to flush it, and flushed a couple of times just to be safe.

Finally, safe from harm, I sat down with a cup of coffee to motivate me to run by the time the sun came up. About 10 minutes later, the cat was playing with some papers on the floor. I thought it was cute until I saw ANOTHER COCKROACH crawl out from under the papers. Again, the glass came out to capture. I thought I would let the cat try to eat it, but she just wanted to play with it a little and let the bugger (ha, pun intended) escape. I re-caught it and down the toilet it went to be with its friend. I hadn’t seen an alive cockroach yet (only a couple of ants, some small very dead roaches, and a baby lizard inside, and tons of lizards, squirrels, and a couple of rats outside), and I got two today before 6 AM! *Shudder*

This post really has nothing to do with nutrition, but I thought I would share with you some of my adventures! Until next time…