There has been a lizard living in my sister in-law’s garage for at least a couple of weeks now. I have tried freeing it to the outside, but it is just too fast for me! The other night, my SIL was doing some cleaning in there, and had the door open for a few moments between the garage and the house. Guess who popped inside the cool house? Yep, the lizard! Unfortunately, about 45 seconds later, the cat found him. And decided he needed to be an amuse-bouche to her dinner. I didn’t get a picture of what he looked like before, but she made quick work out of him! The picture is just below.

Don’t look if you get squeemish easily!

  • No, seriously, I took a picture of the half-eaten lizard.
  • Look Ma! No eyes!
  • Or insides!
  • Ok, this is your last chance!





There he or she is in all his/her glory, or what’s left of him/her. Kind of sad, really. Spending your last couple of weeks in a rather large prison, only to be eaten the moment you think you have escaped. Bummer dude!

Florida certainly has more than enough of its fair share of creepy-crawlies! The cockroaches here like to play ‘possum! I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to sweep up (what I thought was) a dead one, only to have it scurry away from me! I was always taught that a bug on its back with its legs curled up inside meant it was dead. Not so with cockroaches. I now spray them first before I sweep so I’m not surprised. The surprise is on them!

This summer has been more than just bugs and humidity. I’ve been cooking a lot (although not all of my normal stuff since I don’t have all of my normal cooking utensils), working out multiple times a week, walking my dog-niece Roxie, and working on building my online presence for my business! Roxie

Look at that cute face! Isn’t she adorable?? Her kitty sister is adorable, too. Presenting Mia (Mia Wallace)!


Obviously the pile of laundry, and the upside down laundry basket was the perfect place to sit! Mia likes to find herself on the shelves where my clothes are, and in my delicates drawers of my dresser. If you can’t find her around the house, check to see if there is an open dresser drawer somewhere. Chances are, she is inside! I can’t get anything done with all of this cuteness!

Florida update: It’s hot and humid here. I think I’m only about 20 minutes away from the ocean, but I still haven’t been! Rain comes out of the sky warm, which I still haven’t gotten used to yet. It’s bizarre. That’s all for now!