Private Consultations

Nutritional Therapy is such a personal journey for each client. So, I offer my services as an NTP in a variety of packages.

I offer two options of private consultations for those who are ready to jump right in, or perhaps they have completed a group class and want to continue their health journey. Not sure if private consultations are right for you? Head on over to my page about the group classes that I offer.

The Breakthrough

This package is designed for 2- 1 hour sessions, broken up over the course of one month. You will be able to receive individual and personalized attention and support from me as your NTP. Each session will have a different educational focus, but the recommendations will be tailored to your health goals. You will also receive 1-2 recipes per appointment to help you on your health journey! I can accommodate any distance as I work with my clients in person or online. Call me today 541-719-8090 to begin your Breakthrough!

I’m All In

This package is designed for the client that wants that long term support, and is truly committed to their health. When you are All In, you are committing to 1-90 minute initial consultation, so that I can get an in-depth look at your health concerns and goals, as well as 12-1 hour sessions, over the course of 6 months. The client who signs up for this package understands that health is a journey, and sometimes can be a long one. I’m All In not only means that the client is all in, but I as the practitioner am also All In. I’m all in to support you in your health goals and your personal health journey. This package also includes 1 new recipe per appointment, as well as an article or piece of literature that helps to support the recipe in some nature. I am also available for bi-weekly e-mails for quick check-ins and questions on the opposite weeks of your scheduled appointments. Are you All In? Call me today to schedule your initial consultation and get the ball rolling! 541-719-8090